polybutylene repair chapel hill

Polybutylene Repair Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Plumbing specializes in repiping Copper and Polybutylene water line plumbing. We do slab leak repair, copper pipe leak repair, poly pipe leak repair, and any other plumbing problem you may have. We pride itself with our on time, fast, and clean service. You just might have a leaking pipe. Worse, you may have many leaking pipes under your floor or in the walls.

Are your water, gas, or electric bills higher than normal? Does your floor have a warm or hot spot? Do you have a room that has a musty smell? Do you have a wall or walls that feel soft and damp? Do you have water in places that are not pet related?

Slab Leaks:

A slab leak can be a frightening discovery in your home. High water bills, wetness or heat pockets on floor, and shifting of the foundation can all be signs of a slab leak. You probably have many questions such as, how did this happen? How can it be fixed? And how can I prevent this from occurring again?

While the answers are not always simple there are some basic factors that go into creating and fixing a slab leak. Soil and water in your home may be chemically corrosive to copper pipe and over the months will eventually dissolve your pipe. Electrical charges in the ground can also be corrosive to your pipe and create holes through the process of electrolysis. In these cases a home re-pipe is the best option because leaks will continue to develop if copper pipe is used as the supply.

Some times damage after installation or shifting of the foundation causes the pipe leaks. In these cases a reroute of the water supply through the attic is a good option.